Print on canvas 

160cm x 140cm 


The printed image is a photo taken at a Catholic Church during Holy Week. In addition to this action, the Church anticipates mourning to the death of Christ. The images that are part of the rich liturgical ceremony are covered so its faithful approach the mystery of the redemption, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a way to strengthen your Faith and find the light in the dark. Faith in something that is not seen, but what we “know”

is there. The title of the work refers and links to the name of an architectural concept worked by contemporary artist Christo. She covered with immense fabrics, emblematic architectural elements, manipulating the daily life of the people who normally inhabit these places. People know that these elements are still there, but they may also be being re- stored. It is a situation that takes them out of their daily lives to prove their “Faith” or the ability to live with something new that they do not know, giving some added value to what is already known. 

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Paula Niño_2013
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