Entre dos montañas, detrás de la cascada 

Video Installation 1080p

5:00 mins loop


The beginning of this project is an expedition to the different places inhabited by the Muiscas. This time, as in other personal projects CONTEMPLATION AND RECOGNITION gain importance one more time.
What is important about the end of this expedition? The landscape? The Muisca places? Our society (humans, people) our perception?
The video of this tour as well as the video of the expedition to the specific places were the Muiscas used to live, are projected on an installation of mirrors. Refracting the images and giving to the viewer a wide range of possibilities to perceive along the tour. In the meantime the image of the viewer is reflected in the mirrors, intervening the installation. We became a part of the landscape, the tour, the places and the installation.
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Paula Niño_2013
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